Symposium Service-Learning Projects


Take My Word for It!

Creative writing helps students in many areas of their lives. You will work directly with elementary school students on fun creative writing activities such as writing their own fictional biographies and group writing.

Language Connections

Are you bilingual? This project will engage elementary students in fun learning experiences including games and other activities while bridging the language gap between native English speaking students and non-English speaking students.

Every Move Counts (Chess Club)

Check mate! Spend time mentoring and teaching elementary school students chess through a fun after school enrichment program. Host chess competitions and develop chess teams throughout Orange County Public Schools with Every Move Counts!

Community Table

Enjoy working out and eating healthy? Create a day full of exercises, workshops and events for members of the Orlando community to learn about the benefits of living healthy.

What about the ARTS!

Teach the principles of ART, MUSIC, DANCE & THEATRE to elementary school students through fun games and other activities such as singing, dancing and using musical instruments!

The Art of Self Portrait

There is a lot we can learn from artwork! Use artwork and fun art activities as a catalyst to engage elementary students in discussions about cultural and societal views through creating portraits of self-expression and creating virtual art gallery tours to share with the students.

Healthy Living on Campus

Engage other UCF students in a Health and Wellness day with fun activities and workshops to stay healthy!

Learning Initiative and Financial (LIFT) Vocational Training

Make a difference in the Orlando Community by providing employability skills assessments and trainings such as resume writing and interview techniques to underrepresented groups in the community.

You Can't Stop the Beat

Were you born to perform? Do you like playing music? Teach elementary students about music and theatrics through a fun after school enrichment program!

Eat Well and Exercise

Lace up your tennis shoes! Teach and demonstrate the importance of eating healthy and exercising through games and fun activities!

College First

You put "College First" and now it's time to share your tips for success! Mentor and prepare high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds on ACT prep, essay writing and scholarship application techniques through the Elevation Fellows Mentoring Program.

Math Wizards

Help elementary students become "Math Wizards" by teaching mathematical concepts such as mental math skills and strategies through fun games and activities!

Conquering Common Core

Create science experiments! Solve problems and read stories! Integrate math, reading, and science concepts into fun and engaging activities for elementary school students.

Brainstorm Thursdays!

This project involves free thinking activities such as working with Legos, Kenix engineering, chess, computers and more!

Community Fridays!

Kids Choice Day!

Various fun filled activities such as cool science, cooking, sports, dance and more!