The Burnett Honors College is pleased that you are interested in pursuing research and creative activities that can lead to Honors in the Major (HIM) recognition. This website contains information to guide you through the HIM thesis process from inception to completion. Modeled after a master’s thesis program, the HIM program enables capable and qualified students to pursue advanced undergraduate research.

All Honors in the Major students should enroll in the Honors in the Major Webcourse.

Program Structure

Students must enroll in a minimum of three credit hours of Honors Directed Readings. During Directed Readings students will, in consultation with the Thesis Chair, initiate bibliographic research on the topic of interest and develop a thesis proposal. At this stage, the remaining members of the Thesis Committee must be selected. The Thesis Chair and Thesis Committee will have to approve the student’s thesis proposal.

New Directed Readings students are required to participate in the Honors in the Major Orientation. Regional campus students are exempt from in person participation. All other students must obtain approval from the Director of the program (contact in order to be excused from participation in the orientation session.

During the First Semester a Student:

  • Creates a meeting schedule with his or her Thesis Chair
  • Begins working on project development and background research
  • Begins to formulate ideas for his or her research proposal
  • Participates in the Honors in the Major Orientation 
  • Selects, in consultation with his or her Thesis Chair, at least one additional thesis committee member
  • Completes and uploads thesis proposal
  • Registers for Honors Thesis (4970H – 3 hours). Students must use the HIM Directed Readings and Thesis Registration form, which is obtained through the Office of Research & Community Engagement

Following the successful completion of the Directed Readings semester students will enroll in three hours of Honors Thesis. During this semester, a student will work closely with his or her Thesis Chair to develop the Honors in the Major thesis. When appropriate, other committee members should be consulted to review and comment on the student’s written work.

Students are encouraged to review the program handbook, forms required during the thesis semester, and thesis deadlines.

During the Second Semester a Student:

  • Establishes the date of oral defense
  • Meets with the Thesis Editor for his or her initial format review.
  • Completes Thesis
  • Submits Notice of Defense (hyperlink)
  • Completes Oral Defense.
  • Incorporates committee’s recommendations into his or her thesis.
  • Submits Thesis Approval forms and Attachment forms (should be editable and not static)
  • Uploads Thesis to STARS