The Burnett Honors College has long been known for providing quality instruction in our classrooms and laboratories so that our Honors graduates are prepared for rich and productive lives in the workplace. We have now expanded our educational horizons so that our students are well educated for citizenship as well as for careers. One of the most important attributes of the UCF college experience is community engagement, which enhances one’s personal and professional life. By serving others, students develop the ability to lead, to communicate effectively with diverse populations, and to understand complex issues within their community.

Through the Honors Freshman Symposium and the Honors Educational Reach Out (HERO) opportunities, the number of students who are interested in, excited about, and involved with community engagement at The Burnett Honors College has grown tremendously over the past five years. These opportunities provide students with a chance to contribute to their community, to take what they have learned in the classroom and the knowledge that they have acquired from their college experience and apply it for a greater good.

By being engaged citizens, students not only make connections within the broader community, but also make connections within their respective student community. Being civically responsible affords students the chance to serve as leaders and mentors, communicate their shared interests and passions, and collaborate to change the way that future generations think about their livelihood.